Martin County License Plate Agency

Martin County License Plate Agency


Physical Address:
305 East Main Street
Williamston, NC 27892

Office Hours:
8 AM - 5 PM
Monday - Friday

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Did you know …
NCDMV offers online services you can access from the comfort of your home! You can renew vehicle registration, pay taxes, and view what you paid in past property taxes on your registered vehicle. Click here to renew online or to find information about renewals.
These services are available through the MyDMV online portal. Click here to access the portal and to see login requirements. 

Vehicle Tax Notice
A tax notice is generated two (2) months after a tag is renewed or a new tag is received.  This tax bill is valid from when a tag was purchased (or renewed) through the expiration date, as shown on the vehicle registration. 

Tax Block
If taxes remain unpaid for four (4) months after the due date, a block will be issued to the NCDMV on the registration of your vehicle.  This bill should be paid promptly to avoid a tax block being placed on your vehicle registration at the NCDMV.  Should a block occur, NCDMV will not send a registration renewal.  A paid tax receipt (Form # MAV-2) from the Martin County Tax Collector must be presented to the NCDMV before the registration can be renewed.

Tag Transfer
If you transfer the tag from the billed vehicle to another vehicle after the tag was renewed, the original bill remains in effect for the full twelve (12) month billing cycle and must be paid in full.  The newly acquired vehicle will not be billed for property tax until three (3) months after the next tag renewal.

Name Changes / Address Changes
Any name changes or address changes must be done with the NCDMV.

 To renew your registration, your vehicle must have passed an inspection within 90 days before the plate expiration date.

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