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Adult Protective Services

Adult Protective Services are mandated services designed to protect the disabled or vulnerable adults from exploitation or harm (either by self or a caregiver). DSS looks into the needs of adults who reportedly suffer from abuse, neglect, and/or exploitation. The agency evaluates the individual situation to ensure basic needs are met, that the individual is not a danger to themselves, or in danger from others. Services are provided as the law allows to assist the disabled adult in achieving a safe environment. The agency works closely with local resources and agencies to provide options for the clients and their families. If you have any concerns about the safety and well being of any adult please call 1-252-789-4460 to make an Adult Protective Services report.  You may call 911 after office hours to speak to our “on call” social worker 24 hours per day. 

SA In Home

SA/IH stands for Special Assistance In-Home.  This is a State-County Special Assistance program for applicant/recipients who need assisted living level of care, but who wish to remain in their home.  Individuals must be separately determined eligible for Medicaid as Categorically Needy, meet all Special Assistance eligibility requirements and be assessed by an Adult Services Case Manager to determine if they can remain safely at home.  There is a waiting list for this program. If you wish to be placed on the waiting list, you must contact the local Adult Medicaid Supervisor.

Community Alternative Program for Disabled Adults (CAP D/A)

Social worker case management discretionary services are provided for Medicaid eligible persons at risk of placement in a nursing home. Services are designed to allow persons to remain in their home with a caregiver. Aide services and nursing services are provided through private agencies. Case management positions and "slots" (the number of persons that can be served) are limited by funding. The agency maintains a waiting list of persons interested in this service. Services are provided to those on the waiting list based on date of inquiry, oldest request served first.  Martin County DSS provides CAP/DA program services only. CAP D/A – Community Alternatives Program for Disabled Adults are discretionary services.

Medicaid Transportation

Medicaid – Mandated transportation services for medical related transportation needs for Medicaid eligible persons.  These transportation assistance arrangements are approved for clients who receive full Medicaid coverage and have a scheduled appointment for a Medicaid covered treatment or service.  Martin County DSS uses the public transportation system called “Martin County Transit” to transport the clients to their appointments.  This assistance is restricted only to appointments that are paid for by Medicaid.  


The agency provides guardianship services to individuals determined by the courts to be unable to manage their own affairs or who have no responsible family member to assist them. Guardianship services are a legally mandated county service.

Payee Case Management

The agency does provide payee case management services to individuals that receive Social Security benefits and have been determined by Social Security to need a payee.  These are individuals that do not have a family member, any responsible person, or agency to serve as their payee. DSS does operate the payee case management under policy guidelines set by the Social Security Administration.

Placement Services

The agency does have a social worker in the Adult Services unit that can assist the family in finding placement for an adult.  DSS assists families in locating an Adult Care Home (ACH) or Family Care Home (FCH) for an adult needing placement in that group setting.  The worker will also assist the family with some directions on where to apply for Medicaid assistance when needed.  DSS placement services are for ACH and FCH placements only.

The agency can not assist in placement in group homes listed under East Carolina Behavior Health, and must give the families the number to the ECBH. 

For families looking for group home settings under the supervision of the East Carolina Behavior Health (LME) we suggest the family contact ECBH at their portal of services number which is 1-877-685-2415.ECBH provides a list of groups homes that serve MH/DD/SA type services on their website.

Adult Home Monitoring

The agency is responsible for monitoring state licensed Adult Care Homes (ACH) and Family Care Homes (FCH). Adult Home Monitoring services are a legally mandated county service.  If you have any concerns about one of these homes or the occupants please call 1-252-789-4460 during office hours.You may reach our “on call” social worker by calling 911 when the office is closed to report any concerns about care, safety, and supervision of residents. 

Adult Care Home Case Management

The agency is responsible for eligibility determination of adult home residents in need of additional assistance with feeding and personal care. Adult Care Home Case management services are a legally mandated county service.
Adult Services Unit’s List of Community Resources

The Adult Services Unit at 222 East Main Street Williamston, N.C. does have a list of Community Resources for Martin County.  This list is printed out for anyone who comes into DSS to request one.  You may call this Unit at 1-252-789-4460 to request a copy to be emailed to you.  You may contact the Adult Servicers Supervisor (Veronica Taylor) by email as well at if you have a community resource you would like to share with the public.  

Multidisciplinary Team Meetings

If your agency or organization would like to present information of services that you are providing to Adults in Martin County please contact Veronica Taylor at 1-252-789-4400.The DSS conducts Multidisciplinary Team Meetings regularly to bring together all groups that are in contact with the disabled and vulnerable adults in our county.  The purpose of these meetings is to assist in communicating what services are out there now, and what we all can do as concerned citizens to be a good neighbor to our aging population in Martin County.  The focus of the group is to improve the safety and well being of all disabled adults and senior citizens that call Martin County home.  DSS regularly updates the group on DSS services.    

Crisis Assistance and Intake Services

The Services Unit at 222 East Main Street Williamston, N.C. has DSS staff that can interview adults for assistance through the short term crisis assistance programs such as CIP, LIEAP, EA, and can also provide a list of community resources. DSS staff can refer clients to community resources with written consent from the applicant.  DSS regularly makes contacts with area community resources to research what agencies have funding at the time to assist adults. Some community resources and programs consider medical conditions and the age of senior citizens in the household. Some programs address conditions related to heating the home, or cooling the home. Other programs address needs related to work related expenses and staying employed.  Each of our short term assistance programs address financial needs that have risen out of some crisis.  Our various temporary assistance programs serve adults from age 18 to Senior Citizens.  Crisis Intervention Program (CIP) addresses issues of heating and cooling a home.

Low Income Energy Assistance Program (LIEAP) addresses issues of heating a home.

Emergency Assistance (EA) Program is a TANF funded program serving families under the 200% of poverty.  The program helps working families with children under 18 in paying for some unexpected financial bills that have developed under a crisis situation.  Financial hardships and unpaid bills can be discussed.  Work related expenses and employment transportation needs can also be discussed.  This is a short term crisis intervention program that includes employment retention. 

200 % Services is another temporary program that serves families under 200 % of poverty and is under the TANF guidelines.  The program provides short term follow up on working families with children under the age of 18.  A DSS worker is assigned to follow up with the family concerning employment retention and economic situations that affect the family’s efforts to become financial stable.      
Outreach Home Visits and Presentations

If the adult is unable to physically come to our DSS building in Williamston because of any physical disabilities, a DSS worker can make a home visit concerning these short term programs.  The DSS worker will bring the application for crisis assistance and conduct an interview in the home.  Call the Adult Services Supervisor (Veronica Taylor) at 1-252-789-4460 to request such a home visit from a DSS worker. The DSS worker will be wearing a county badge during the home visit to indentify themselves. In addition, the DSS can also make presentations upon request to area agencies and organizations concerning any of the Adult Services Programs available to the public.

Call the Adult Services Unit with any questions about any assistance programs above at 1-252-789-4460

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