Finance Department

Cindy L. Ange Finance Officer


Physical Address:

305 East Main Street (Room 126)
Williamston, NC  27892

Mailing Address:
PO Box 668
Williamston, NC 27892

Office Hours:
8 AM - 5 PM
Monday - Friday

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The Finance Department provides accounting and financial management systems in accordance with North Carolina General Statutes. This department manages cash and investments, fixed assets, debt, grants, payroll and timekeeping, procurement of goods and services for all County agencies. Finance prepares the Comprehensive Annual Financial Report.

Comprehensive Annual Financial Report (CAFR)

City, county, and state governments are required by law to produce basic financial statements. The Comprehensive Annual Financial Report is an audited public document that provides financial information but unlike basic financial statements goes on to provide more detailed economic, demographic, and statistical information. Governments are encouraged to create a Comprehensive Annual Financial Report but because of their complexity are not required by law or statute. Martin County creates a Comprehensive Annual Financial Report annually, which is available from the Finance office as well as under "Forms and Documents" on the left side of this page.

Annual Budget

The Martin County Budget is based on a 12-month fiscal year, which runs from July ISt to June 30th. State law requires the Board of Commissioners to adopt an annual budget by July 1st of each year.

The county budget is composed of revenues and expenditures for several funds, including the General Fund, the Water District (Enterprise) Funds, and Other Funds. The General Fund accounts for resources traditionally associated with a government that is not required legally or by sound financial management to be accounted for in other funds. Enterprise funds consist of a grouping of activities whose expenditures are wholly or partially offset by revenues collected from consumers in form of fees and charges. Enterprise funds are traditionally run more "like a business".  A Budget Message provides a narrative for the annual budget.

Links to the Fiscal Year 2020-21 Budget Message, Revenues, and Expenditures are below, along with similar links for the Fiscal Year 2019-20.

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Document Center

The Document Center provides easy access to public documents. Click on one of the categories below to see related documents or use the search function.

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Budget17 documents

FY 2023-20241 document

  • FY 2023-2024 Budget Ordinance
    document _recordid 1053

FY 2024-20252 documents

  • Budget Message FY 2024-2025
    document _recordid 1295
  • Budget Ordinance FY 2024-2025
    document _recordid 1294

FY 2019-20201 document

  • Budget Ordinance FY 2019-2020
    document _recordid 496

FY 2020-20216 documents

  • Budget Enterprise and Other Funds FY 2020-2021.pdf
    document _recordid 505
    Budget Enterprise and Other Funds FY 2020-2021
  • Budget General Fund Revenue Proposed FY 2020-2021
    document _recordid 489
  • Budget General Fund Expense Proposed FY 2020-2021 (Part 2)
    document _recordid 487
  • Budget General Fund Expense Proposed FY 2020-2021 (Part 1)
    document _recordid 486
  • Budget Ordinance FY 2020-2021
    document _recordid 482
  • Budget Message FY 2020-2021
    document _recordid 474

FY 2021-20225 documents

  • Budget General Fund Revenues Proposed FY 2021-2022
    document _recordid 498
  • Budget General Fund Expenses Proposed FY 2021-2022
    document _recordid 490
  • Budget Ordinance FY 2021-2022
    document _recordid 481
  • Budget Enterprise and Other Funds Proposed FY 2021-2022
    document _recordid 478
  • Budget Message FY 2021-2022
    document _recordid 475

FY 2022-20232 documents

  • Budget Message FY 2022-2023
    document _recordid 831
  • Budget Ordinance FY 2022-2023
    document _recordid 830

Comprehensive Annual Financial Report (CAFR)6 documents

  • ACFR as of 2023.06.30
    document _recordid 1229
  • ACFR as of 2022.06.03
    document _recordid 1167
  • ACFR as of 2021.06.03
    document _recordid 774
  • CAFR as of 2020.06.30
    document _recordid 471
  • CAFR as of 2019.06.30
    document _recordid 470
  • CAFR as of 2018.06.30
    document _recordid 469

Miscellaneous5 documents

  • Capital Improvement Plan 2021-2025
    document _recordid 476
  • Fines & Penalty Fee Schedule
    document _recordid 472
  • Minority Businesses/HUB Participation Resolution & Outreach Plan
    document _recordid 468
  • Uniform Guidance Procurement Policy
    document _recordid 467
  • Uniform Guidance Conflict of Interest Policy 2018
    document _recordid 465

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